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Related article: Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 21:08:49 -0400 From: Subject: Catching UpWhen I was in High School I had always wondered about sex with other guys. I used to jack off each night with that vision in my mind until I exploded all over my stomach and sheets. I would dream of the chance to suck a hot cock until it blew its wad in my mouth. When I was fourteen I got my first chance with a friend that I was sleeping over with but we ended up only jacking each other off. He asked if I would suck his cock but I said no fearing being labeled a fag. I lay there all night wishing I had done it and swore that if I got another chance I would not turn it down again.Years later after graduation I was to sleep over at another buddies house. Doug was a good friend who I had spent several years hanging out with. Usually we would be with another friend Bobby. The three of us used to go to the X rated drive-in and get so worked up that we couldn't stand it. We were too cool to discuss jacking off or anything like that. We would just drink beer and watch the action on the screen. This time it was just Doug and I.We went out to the normal hangouts and drank some beer first. Doug suggested going to an X rated theater. The drive in had been closed down so we had to go somewhere else. We stopped at an adult bookstore that I the little mermaid had been to alone many times before. I frequented the arcade booths and jacked off to the gay films that they showed there. Doug was browsing the magazines when he stopped at the gay section. He said, "look at those fags sucking each other off". I walked up and said, "they probably give better head than any girl you will ever meet". I opened on of the mags that was out of its protective bag. I flipped through the pages of guys sucking and fucking. One page had a guy with three cocks exploding on his opened mouth and face. I could dayla alittleagency see the tent in Doug's pants growing every second. I suggested we walk back to the arcade section. There were several guys leaning against the wall waiting for a connection I guess. Doug stepped in one booth and dropped a few coins in the slot. The screen came to life with a young guy about our age sucking off another guy on the beach. I stepped in with Doug and pointed out how this guy knew how to suck cock. Doug agreed but said he didn't want anyone to see him watching a gay movie. I fixed that by closing the door and locking it. We watched for a few more minutes and little pussy fuck Doug had to rearrange himself. Hairless little girls His cock was rock hard and so was mine. I broke the ice by saying I needed to jack off. Doug said he did too little seventeen porn and we both pulled our cocks out and started stroking. I couldn't help but stare at Doug's cock as he jacked off and I noticed he was watching mine. I was scared to death but this was my chance so I reached over and put my hand around his cock. He immediately did the same to me and we stroked each other for a few minutes. Doug then asked if I had ever considered sucking another guy. I said I had and he said he did to. I asked who would go first and he said he didn't know. I couldn't wait any longer and without a word dropped to my knees and licked the head of his cock. Just as I did the movie machine started beeping for more money. I had to dig for quarters and lucky for me had at least four dollars worth in my pocket. I handed them to Doug and went to work on his cock as he fed the machine. He sat back on the seat dayla alittleagency as I sucked his cock as I had always dreamed. I loved the musky smell of his cock and balls and the way he reacted to my actions. He was thrusting in my mouth each time I went down on him. I was jacking his shaft with my right hand at the same time and working his balls with my left. I was in heaven and wanted this to last forever. Doug started bucking and I could tell it wasn't going to last much longer. He announced that he was going to cum and that was my cue to double my effort on his cock. I jacked and sucked him twice as fast wanting his cum. I soon felt his cock head expand in size and start to throb. I pulled off his cock so that just the tip was in my mouth. Just then he let out a loud moan and the first shot of his cum pumped out on my tongue. I swallowed quickly before the second and third rope of cum came from his cock. He was thrusting deep in my mouth now and had both hands on the back of my head forcing me on his cock (like I needed to be forced). I wasn't surprised by the taste of his cum since I had jacked off in my own mouth many times. It was fantastic! I slowed my work on his softening cock so he wouldn't get to sensitive and push me away. I milked every drop from him I could. I finally let him drop from little lexy porn my mouth and stood up. He reached over to my surprise and took my cock into his mouth. I hadn't expected this at all. He tried to do the same to me that I had done to him. I didn't last but a minute or two and came like crazy in his mouth. He swallowed all and we got dressed.He left the booth first and shut the little boy porngallery door behind him. I waited a minute or two and left myself. One of the regulars was leaning against the wall right next to the booth and gave me a wink and a sly smile. I gave him a thumbs up and walked out to the car where Doug was waiting. We drove to his home and spent the night in his parents camping trailer in the driveway. No word had been spoken of what had happened. As we lay in bed talking that night he asked if I was OK with what had happened. I said sure and he said he was ready for more. I was hard in an little nacked kids instant and went over to his bed. We got in a 69 this time and sucked each other. He licked his finger and pushed it up my ass. He worked it in and out as he sucked me off. I came quickly and had to really concentrate to be able to finish him off. He then told me that Bobby and him had been doing this for years. I felt cheated but was happy to do some catching up. I never got little girl fuck the chance little schoolgirl thumbs because I went in the Service shortly after that. Doug and I little girls shagging had a couple more times little teenagers russian together when I came home on leave but that was all.This story is true. It was one of the hottest experiences of my life. Please feel free to send me your comments at
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